More sustainable holidays and destinations with Guide Me Green 


Guide me Green aims at making links between the needs of tourists from all backgrounds and local communities for more adequate sustainable travel.

With the Guide Me Green project you will:

  1. Have a chance to familiarise yourself with the concept of sustainable tourism;
  2. Explore sustainable options if you are travelling on a low budget;
  3. Learn about exciting sustainable travel experiences from across the world;
  4. Understand the positive impact you can make on the environment by making sustainable choices;
  5. Use your knowledge about sustainability to improve your everyday life and the way you travel.
Guide Me Green is a truly innovative project that focuses on a target group, which has so far been largely neglected: Travellers with a limited budget. They have been mostly overlooked as consumers of sustainable tourism experiences, partially because of their socio-economic background sometimes linked to other disadvantages, such as a disability. This means that this target group has less budget to spend and can be harder to cater to, which makes it seemingly less attractive for businesses to reach these customers. Going sustainable can also demand some initial investments that budget hotels, restaurants and tour operators are not willing to make since the profit margin is lower.


Have a look at booklet to find out how to travel sustainably and on the budget with 85 good practices of sustainable tourism experiences. Those practices are targeted at disadvantaged populations around the world, with a special focus to Europe. The 85 good practices are mapped and reconstructed more coherently and clearly for the following readers:

  • Adult Educators and Trainers;
  • Public Authorities and Policy Makers;
  • Tourism Professionals, and last but not least
  • General Public.

If you are triggered by the Guide Me Green’s green mission, then check out the Guide Me Green Manual on Good Practices booklet to find out more.

Travelling by train around Europe: greener, cheaper, further!

Under the influence of the covid-19 new traveling trends are emerging. Among the new travel habits slow travel is with no doubt on of the favorite ones, as it enables tourist to relax and cherish and embrace the local culture more than mass tourism destinations allow.
One of the most beloved means of transport when it comes to slow travel is indeed travelling by rail.
How to explore the world in an eco-friendly way, here are some tips by the Guide me Green team!

Sometimes it can be hard to surf through all the holiday deals and offers when looking for vacations. Planning for sustainable holidays can be even harder. What does sustainability actually mean? Which offers are actually sustainable and what should I do to explore the world in an eco-friendly way?
The GMG team is here to give you some tips!
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Project Number 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000035124